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Driver App

User App

Admin App

User-Friendly Taxi App

Fair Metre

We have developed this taxi booking application as a fair platform that would maintain perfect equilibrium in every walk of the usage with affordable rates that earns a profit for the drivers too.

100% Secure

Riders (users) information are highly safeguarded, where the users can now have the sheer authentication to display selective personal data as desired by them.

Easily Customizable

Adding and editing information is now made even simple with our advanced taxi booking app where the stakeholders can perform the customised operation by following simple steps.

Interactive Interface

We have created a highly engaging and easily adaptable taxi booking app that comes out with the best interface in the market. Seamless integration of customised functionalities according to the stakeholder makes this app unique and approachable for all the stakeholders.

Diversified Features

We have incorporated several new features in every user section in this high-end taxi app which enables the stakeholders to make complete use of it and also induce them to suggest the app for others.

Driver App Features

Flexible Working Time

The drivers getting enrolled in cab servicing are now provided complete access to adopt the working timing on their own which deep-rootedly customised there is no hidden targets imposed over drivers, and it helps them to deliver stress-free ride.

Transparent Earning Records

Every single earning gets recorded here which helps the driver to view their account and cross-verify if required. Having this feature develops complete ownership amongst the driver which avoids unnecessary agitation.

Desirable Payment Received

Our Taxi booking app provides multiple payment modes for the user, but it is up to the driver to enable or to disable a particular payment mode which helps in scheduling a programmed ride for the entire day.

Instant Update

Drivers will receive instant notification overscheduled, and pickup rides on the spot and also gets intimated about their incentives on time.

Social Login

Similar to riders, drivers can also use their social media account to get enrolled into the taxi app system. This embedding of social media accounts is to make the login process much simple and easier for drivers.

OTP Verification

Once the driver has successfully logged in using their valid social media account, they will receive an auto-generated OTP from the taxi app system which they need to feed in to start using the application.

Spot Booking

Now the driver is provided complete access to use the taxi app and take part in delivering the best riding service to the customers. It is mandatory for a driver to be always online once they switched on their availability and they get allocated for a ride based on their current locality.

Scheduled Booking

Unlike spot booking, scheduled booking takes place earlier the time, and a particular rider goes on for pre-booking for a cab here. The allocation of a driver for a scheduled booking completely depends on their availability on that particular time and may also depend upon the cab category (micro, mini, and prime) they use.

Background Verification

The final step to get enrolled into the taxi app system, where the concerned driver needs to provide all the required documents to the taxi app service admin for cross verification this includes documents like ,ID card, Driving license, Vehicle insurance (own vehicle), Photo for id The concerned driver can start their service post the successful completion of background verification.

Live Navigation

Post initiating the ride the driver gets proper navigation from our integrated map of taxi app system that guides them through the shortest and traffic free route through Geo-analysis and helps them to complete the ride safely on time.

Trip history

Trip history holds the total number of rides provided by a driver on a particular day which holds related information like Pickup and drop location, Total distance covered, Total fare charged, Mode of payment

Route Navigation Guide

Our in-built route navigation guide operates on an advanced mapping system which helps drivers to reach the exact pickup point by using the shortest route through streamlined navigation.

Call options

Integrated calling options available in the driver application, which helps the driver to make or receive a call from the rider to reach out their spot if in case of any doubts in using the map.

Detailed invoice

Once the ride gets completed the driver receives a detailed invoice regarding the driver similar to the rider which holds key information like: Billing Id, Ride time, Distance covered, date of ride, Total amount charged, Commission imposed, Driver’s share, Rating details, Reviews (if any) Drivers will receive this invoice details as push notification in their app, SMS, and also to their e-mail id.

Earnings tracking

Tracking the earnings is now made simple with our taxi application software which provides the driver with the option to go for their own target instead of a pre-determined one, this helps the driver to provide stress-free ride and also paves a way to earn a decent income. By signing in to their account drivers can view the total number of rides they got assigned and its respective fare as well to calculate the daily earning. Fare for a ride is purely based on the distance they cover and incentives are subject to extra rides they avail post their target package to which they get enrolled.

Licensed to Cancel

The driver can also cancel a ride here and they have to mention the reason for cancellation, auto-generated reasons gets poped up in the drivers app and if they didn’t get matching reasons then it must dropped in the comment section. Inappropriate justification won’t be entertained and the driver gets penalised in their earnings for unnecessary cancellation similar to rider.

Cancelled Ride

If suppose a ride has been cancelled by the customer the driver will get immediate notification to their app and they will be redirected to another ride.

Availability ON/OFF

The driver holds complete access to change their availability for delivering a ride, and they can synchronise this option based on their target package and the way they have planned to achieve it.

Transaction History

Drivers can now view their entire transaction history using the taxi app service by logging into their account which depicts the amount they received through various modes like taxi wallet, debit/credit card or net banking or thorugh cash.

User App Features

Filtered Ride

Our taxi app not just avails the option to select a riding vehicle, instead, it also provides options to choose amongst the best offers provided by various cab service providers. Now the user can opt out for the best and cheap rated ride amongst the clan.

High Security

We have implemented extra security features into the application to ensure the safety of the users these security features comfort the user and make them avail the ride anytime.

Coupons and Offers

Users get instant notifications and timely reminders on their coupons and offers from our taxi booking app that helps them to avail maximum benefits.

Payment Options

The users have multiple payment options where they can opt for their comforting choice and also get to know whether it is applicable in that particular ride based on the driver’s preference.

Social Login

It is highly mandatory to undergo a formal login for any new user to avail the best riding experience delivered by our enhanced taxi application software. We make your initial login simple and straight by integrating social media platforms into our application. The rider can use any of their social media accounts to carry out the “SignUp” process which gets completed in three steps, and it also eases up our job of gathering user information directly through any of the social media accounts.

Account Verification

Post collecting basic details of newly registered user we send an auto-generated OTP (One Time Password) to their concerned email-address and mobile number as well which has to be acknowledged by the specific user by entering the same to get into the application, we provide best taxi application software by imposing security through bringing in “Two Factor Authentication” model onboard. This two-factor approach might include any random question based on your generic information registered in the concerned social media account and answering it will permit you the access to use the app.

Login Issues

We deliver multi-secured taxi application software which holds zero tolerance towards user’s security breach, and we ensure that all user profiles were secured. We deny unauthorised access and hence notify the user if their account gets logged-in through a different device. Similarly, we also help users to set up a secured account if in case they have forgotten their password, where we suggest them to create a new one which doesn’t resemble or portray details closely related to them

Location Setup

Once you have successfully logged in to the taxi app account, your current location must get registered in the application to provide you with the most accurate commutation service. Our GPS mapping system will automatically detect your location whichcan be either saved in your wishlist or use it for a temporary commute. You can also enter your complete address and create an exclusive “point of reach” which is detected and stored to the internal memory of our taxi application tool.

Account Verification

The pricing over a ride keeps changing based on various factors in this taxi application software system. We have deployed an in-built cost estimator that considers and evaluate final pricing for a ride based on several factors like: Ride distance, Cab category, Ride time, Day of ride, Route situation, Previous cancellation (subject to the user)

OTP-based trip initiation

In our taxi app service, we always do generate an exclusive OTP for every single ride as an initial mode of confirmation. This OTP gets generated post confirming cab availability and shared with the concerned user once they have confirmed their booking. The rider will receive OTP via app push notification, SMS and e-mail as well. The driver can initiate the ride only after entering the OTP successfully in their device.

Nearby Cabs

Based upon your exact pin location or registered address our taxi application displays several options of cabs and autos nearby your area, this helps you to opt out for the best vehicle according to your ride requirement.

Wait to Start

This feature depicts the arrival of the booked cab and also displays the maximum wait time permitted according to the scheduled ride.

Rate Card

We create and maintain a structured rate card in our taxi app services which depicts the complete information on charges taxed over a user based on their selection of cab category and the distance they travel.

Wallet Integration

An in-built exclusive wallet will get integrated into the taxi app services provided to the user, where the concerned user can add money into this mobile account to the extent they wish. This feature incorporates easy retrieval of money from bank accounts and debit cards making transaction simple, and this approach paves the way to end-to-end cashless cab service accessibility.

Coupon Integration

To retain the existing customers and expand their base lot of promotional activities were carried out from the admin-end of this taxi app and one such move is the introduction of “Coupons”. Admin used to create tailor-made coupons for every rider by tracking their ride history with the inclusion of conditions in usage. However, this taxi app service delivers a discount for the first ride availed by any user.

Scheduled Booking

Our taxi application software avails multiple booking options to facilitate the user and deliver them with best riding experience as per their wish. Scheduled booking is an integral part of these functionalities were a particular rider can pre-book their travel by specifying the exact time and date and also selecting other required fields like: Pickup location, Drop location, Cab type.

Spot Booking

We deliver an on-spot booking option in our custom made taxi app service where the user can book their desired cab and travel to the required destination, our app also provides optional cab categories to opt out for riders and avail the quickest and best service as possible.

Estimated Price and time

To retain the existing customers and expand their base lot of promotional activities were carried out from the admin-end of this taxi app and one such move is the introduction of “Coupons”. Admin used to create tailor-made coupons for every rider by tracking their ride history with the inclusion of conditions in usage. However, this taxi app service delivers a discount for the first ride availed by any user.

Call options

This taxi application software withholds an in-built call option which facilitates the rider to make a call to the driver to get to know about their exact location or time of reach. This particular option will be helpful when the driver has switched off their navigation button or possess weak connectivity.

Shared ride

Our taxi app system avails shared raid where the customer can share their raid with others to cut down their cost, user needs to wisely choose the pin location that synchronize well with the shared ride.

Route navigation guide

Our in-built GPS powered mapping tool delivers a clear and accurate navigation system that helps a rider to track the arrival of the booked cab and plan their depart accordingly.

Live navigation

Our in-built GPS powered mapping tool delivers a clear and accurate navigation system that helps a rider to track the arrival of the booked cab and plan their depart accordingly.

SOS integration

Our enhanced taxi app service implements SOS integrative service which plays a crucial role in an emergency situation. The rider can share their emergency situation immediately to their selective three contacts and also can inform the police as well.

Payment gateway

The riders can also pay to their usage through various fee options like a debit card, net banking, payment gateway and other online payment modes. We avail the most secured and reliable payment platform through which the user can make payment without any second thoughts.

Share ride details

Users can share their ride details to any specific contact including live navigation to intimate their status, and now the concerned family members can take a breath and stay relaxed without worrying about their loved ones.

Our detailed invoice includes

Total fare, Total distance covered, Total ride time, Amount charged for first 4 kms, Amount charged after 4km per km rate, Ride time charges, Service Tax icluded, Service type (Cab type and city), Date of booking, Pickup date, Booking email-id

Detailed invoice

Our sophisticated taxi app system generates a detailed invoice and shares the same with the customers through SMS, push notification, and email post successful closing of rides.

Rating and Review

Our taxi app includes a well-formulated rating and review system that helps the aggregator and the driver to provide a better service. Here in this section, the user can rate their riding experience and also place a comment on factors which went well and not.

Trip history

The rider can view complete details on their trip history which helps them to make a planned schedule in the upcoming days.

Price estimation factors

• Trip distance • Cab category • Time of trip • Discounts (if any applicable)

Time estimation factors

• Trip distance • On-time traffic


This tax application software provides packaged system where the customer can subscribe for hourly package and it is available in multiple options to deliver diversified benefits to user. These packages are highly useful for corporate people who moves on continuously for business trips.


Holds and manages all the website related documents settings and other details which is not related to rider or driver management. Using these site settings admin can manage all their internal functionalities and options to carry out the entire process of the application.

User App Features

Navigation Support

Accurate generation online map that navigates drive in a perfect route to deliver smoother service to the customers.

Cab Management

Exquisite management of cabs with the help of our advanced application system that helps the admin to schedule the desired cab to the concerned user.

Wallet Management

We have integrated highly secured and manageable wallet for customers and drivers to handle the amount without hindrance.

Complete Monitoring

We have created a sole operating system in this taxi booking application, where the admin can hold complete control over the entire operation.